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beurer nebulizer IH 55

Handy and travel-compatible nebulizer - ideal for children - nebulization with vibrating membrane technology
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beurer nebulizer IH 26

Nebulizer & nasal douche with compressor: for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as cold & bronchitis
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Viatom Technology

Viatom Checkme™ Lite ECG-Monitor/Recorder

Checkme™ Lite Vital Signs Monitor is an innovative device which integrates multiple functionalities into one compact and portable unit. It supports cable-fre...
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Viatom Technology

Viatom SleepO2 Sleep Oxygen Monitor

Sleep Oxygen Monitor with Smart Vibration without ring-sensor - continuous Monitoring Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Pulse Oximeter with Alarm
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Smart One® Peak Flow Meter

Innovative handheld spirometer with Bluetooth for your smartphone | electronic peak flow meter for monitoring the health status of the lungs, or self-monitor...
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

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