Service + Breathalyzer Calibration

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To ensure optimal performance, all breathalyzers must be calibrated periodically. Over time, the sensor becomes saturated, and the results of the device can drift.

Calibration with Dry and Wetgas from Firma Dräger

trendmedic offers a calibration service for all models on our website. This service includes the calibration + return. The processing time varies between 6 - 7 working days (+ shipping time via DHL) . For this service we charge follows (plus shipping):

Dräger®, Envitec®, BluePoint Medical AlcoTrue®          41,00 €
® + Alcofind® + AlcoReal® + Trendmedic® u.a.     39,00 €

Calibration Procedure :
1 ) Select a Calibration Voucher on the products listed below
2.) Send your breathalyzer (well packed) with the printed order confirmation to us

We accept: